“Giving your family a clear direction through
difficult times”


The Family Mediation Practice

We are a team of family mediators who offer a friendly but highly professional approach to family mediation. We all have extensive experience in the legal profession.

We offer a different approach to mediation in that in every mediation we conduct we try to co-mediate, which means that there are two mediators in every session. This is the model preferred by the Family Mediators Association of which we are all members.

Statistics show that this model produces better outcomes than sole mediations. It enables us to assist clients with complex financial issues and with long-standing child contact and residence issues to find mutually acceptable solutions.

We aim to have a clear understanding of all the issues that you are facing at this challenging time and to help you both reach the best possible solutions.

Family Mediation is a voluntary process which helps you reach an agreement regarding arrangements for money, property and/or your children when you separate. The Mediator, who is an independent third party, will help you consider all the options on an informed basis and explore ways of reaching an agreement.